Exploring Unexplore Places

Sunday 23 December 2012

Kudremukh trek

                Kudremukh is a mountain range and name of a peak located in Chikkamagaluru district, in Karnataka, India. It’s located in Shimoga district, Karnataka. we started for the trekking packing our food for the day.
                The place was in the middle of western ghats with green meadows everywhere. Its was very hot day and not suitable for trekking but the trek was scenic , we had to cross dense forests and mountains during the trek , we trekked almost 15 kms to reach the peak.
                We were exhausted and moreover had to help my friend who was new for trekking. We reached there by midday. The peak stands at 1892m from sea level which is one of the tallest peak in Western Ghats. After eating our lunch we walked back to our place in few hours. This trek was the longest so far and the most exhausting trek, we had to cover 30kms. One of the beautiful place we loved trekking in Kudremukh.

Trekking in dense forest

unforgetable trekking around 30km up and down

Below is the destination point




we falcons managed to trek in moderate trekking route
kudremukh trek

Picturesque spot we never seen before

kudremukh trek

Finally reached the Top with lot of enjoyments

In the Summit of kudremukh

Saturday 22 December 2012

Trek to Kudlu theertha falls, Agumbe Karnataka

Falconsians again had a great time in Agumbe

Agumbe is among the places that receive high rainfall
Agumbe the capital of King Cobra

Thursday 23 August 2012

Mukurthi fishing hut ooty

We try to explore places which are not usual tourist attractions in ooty .we found Fishing Hut is one among.Mukurthi fishing hut located in Nilgiris which is 40 km from ooty. We had to get permission from the forest department for the accomdation at fishing hut. We were made to wait for more than three hours to get permission. Since it’s a tiger reserve.
We travelled in a Jeep which was provided by forest department. The first few kilometers were normal ghat roads but as we entered the forest there were no proper roads as its hardly accessed by public. The journey to fishing was very thrilling as it was surrounded by thick green forest and we spotted few animals in the wild like sambar deer, wild squirrels. It took 3 hrs for us to reach the Fishing hut.
                We were excited after seeing the fishing hut, it was so remotely built that everyone will wonder how it was constructed in the middle of a forest during the British rule with no advanced equipments. The place had no electricity we had to carry candles with us, even the source for drinking water was from the water falls nearby.
                We stayed with full caution and fear as the place was famous for Tigers. The next day we started with a trek into the forest , we were speechless on seeing nature at its best. The place was untouched by humans, here are few photos of the scenic beauty.

No Power, No Signal, No Human other than Us, Wild Animals Offen... On the whole its Heaven

Was mum to spot animals

Remarkable beautiful place in earth

Trekking in Tamilnadu provides many adventures place one among is trekking in ooty
we trek in wild to spot animals

Thursday 8 March 2012

Grass Hills Valparai Tamilnadu

CCTV Installation, India

This time falcons in my one of the favourite destination valparai, tamilnadu.

Trekking in one of the Dangerous and Adventures Place in Valpari.
Grass hills trek its very dangerous because its one among Tiger reserve, we can spot elephats and Leopard very offen here.

Grass Hills is a scenic trek route from Valparai and is different from Top Slip.
Grass hills, as the name suggests, is a huge swathe of grasslands across a few hills on the Valparai mountain range. This out of bounds for common tourists and only conservationists, wildlife enthusiasts (with permission from the Forest department) or those with access to the officials of the forest department are allowed access into this wild terrain. This area is a dangerously 'LEECH PRONE" territory and has a huge population of leeches to comprehend with especially during and after the monsoon, apart from the wild cats, bison and the elephants that make this range their home.
Access to this place is a two pronged route. One is to do a trek for almost 10 Kms from the gates of Akkamalai tea estate (the highest tea estate in Valparai) with prior permission from the forest department. Please be warned, the route passes through prime wildlfe zones (especially Indian Gaur and Elephant herds) and it is advisable to have a forest guard or a guide alonng, especially if you are new to jungle treks.
The other route is a combination of a 4X4 ride for about 90 minutes on a non existant bumpy track and a trek of a couple of KMS.
The end points of both these routes are the legendary KONALAR (twisted river in tamil) HUT, which is the only shelter available amidst a vast expanse of carpeted grass. The Konalar stream runs close by and used to be a fishing camp for the British. The hut is very basic, has some solar power for the lights, a few cots a few hard chairs and you will have to carry everything from rations to cooking utensils to kerose etc.
You will need the permission from the Forest Department to enter the road (or the semblance of one) from the Akkamalai estate.


Grass hills konalar hut is the destination need prior permission from the forest department to perform trek
either by walk or in 4X4 vehicle.
Trekking in Grass hills has been prohibited for past few years.
Anyhow  have a try For permission contact DFO or chief Conservative of forest for more details.

grass hills valparai konalar hut

Self Cookin...

You people never ever seen such place in Valpari...
Very dangerous Tunnel with water streams...
To catch the another exit we need to trek 8km inside the tunnel.
wow thriller experience we had.
While treking inside the tunnel anything can possible like fall of rocks, sudden flood etc
Dark Dark Dark cant visble anything jus camera flash helped us.
Falcons never forget this thriller trek inside the tunnel with water stream.

Thank God we reached the another exit after thriller journey inside the dark world.