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Thursday 10 July 2014

Jog falls Karnataka

CCTV Installation, India

Jog Falls is the second-highest plunge waterfall in India Located in Sagara taluk, these segmented falls are a major tourist attraction. They are also called Gersoppa Falls and Jogada Gundi. It is located on the Shimoga and Uttara Kannada district border. Jog Falls is created by the Sharavathi River dropping 253 m (830 ft), making it the second-highest plunge waterfall in India after the Nohkalikai Falls with a drop of 335 m (1100 ft) in Meghalaya. 

Jog falls distance from chennai : 750 km. If you from chennai  i would prefer  Chennai (MAS) - Bangalore (SBC) - Talguppa ( TLGP).

Since the day tickets are reserved, we kept talking about this place in our every meet. We know this is our most challenging destination that we most awaited for. The calendar turned 9th of july, our patience came to end, and our excitement developed more. We should be thankful to Indian railways for making our travel (Chennai to Bangalore to Talguppa) simple & easy, not forgetting to thank Kishore for taking initiative to book the tickets on time.

 The showering sky at Dawn and the thunder was our wakeup call;  symbolically the nature is welcoming us. We Hired a SUV to reach Jog falls, on our way we halted at a stream to refresh ourselves.  After breakfast, we headed straight to jog falls.  It was surprising to see, the second highest waterfall in India and most attracted tourist spot in Karnataka received only less visitors on that day, hardly three vehicles parked among one was ours. May be due to off season we guess! By hearing the pouring sound of the waterfall we kept walking towards it, as we approach closer and closer the waterfall sounds loud adding more excitement to us. In front of us, the breath-taking view of Jog Falls.  No wonder! Why they call it second largest.  It was just the beginning of the monsoon, thus the plunge fall is not completely flowing though it already looked like one mammoth waterfall.

We refresh  in a water stream...

The fluctuation on the weather switching between rainy and foggy makes the place even more beautiful.  We considered ourselves lucky as we never would have reached this point if we visit during the end of monsoon due to the distance to the falls will be limited by water flow surrounding the landscape. After spending some satisfying time we left to see the rear view of the fall. 

Unusual views of jog falls

jog falls

Jog falls have some trekking options towards down and top. trekking in jog falls is very dangerous and need to be very cautious. Our dream to catch jog falls as closer, Pre-season helped us to make our dream  fullfil.

jog falls images

jog falls

No words to express our feelings to see such a lovely view of jog falls.

jog falls

jog falls

jog falls

Transport connectivity

Nearest railway station (Talaguppa & Sagar) Talaguppa : 10Km ; Sagar  : 30km
Nearest bus station: Sagara and then Jogfalls bus stop.
Nearest airport :

        • Domestic
              o Hubli Airport (HBX): 130 km
        • International
              o Bengaluru International Airport (BLR): 340 km
              o Mangalore International Airport (India)(Formerly Bajpe Airport) (IXE): 200 km

              o Goa Airport (GOI): 246 km


Plenty of Accomadation options available with the view of Jog falls.  Need Prior booking because its one of the major attraction and accomodation with the view of jogs falls. Everyone prefer to stay.

Jog falls season

Summer Season in Jog Falls

The summer season begins in the month of March and continues till May. Summers are extremely hot with maximum temperature being as high as 40ºC and minimum temperature hovering around 22ºC. Summer season is not the best season to visit Jog falls.

Monsoon Season in Jog Falls

The months of June till September witness heavy rainfall in the region. The monsoon season is the best season to visit Jog falls, as the beauty of the place is enhanced during monsoons.

Winter Season in Jog Falls

The months from November to February witness winter season in Jog falls. This season is characterized by pleasant and cool weather with maximum temperature of around 30 ºC, and minimum of around 15 ºC. This is the best time to visit Jog falls for picnics, outings and sightseeing activities.