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Thursday 8 March 2012

Grass Hills Valparai Tamilnadu

CCTV Installation, India

This time falcons in my one of the favourite destination valparai, tamilnadu.

Trekking in one of the Dangerous and Adventures Place in Valpari.
Grass hills trek its very dangerous because its one among Tiger reserve, we can spot elephats and Leopard very offen here.

Grass Hills is a scenic trek route from Valparai and is different from Top Slip.
Grass hills, as the name suggests, is a huge swathe of grasslands across a few hills on the Valparai mountain range. This out of bounds for common tourists and only conservationists, wildlife enthusiasts (with permission from the Forest department) or those with access to the officials of the forest department are allowed access into this wild terrain. This area is a dangerously 'LEECH PRONE" territory and has a huge population of leeches to comprehend with especially during and after the monsoon, apart from the wild cats, bison and the elephants that make this range their home.
Access to this place is a two pronged route. One is to do a trek for almost 10 Kms from the gates of Akkamalai tea estate (the highest tea estate in Valparai) with prior permission from the forest department. Please be warned, the route passes through prime wildlfe zones (especially Indian Gaur and Elephant herds) and it is advisable to have a forest guard or a guide alonng, especially if you are new to jungle treks.
The other route is a combination of a 4X4 ride for about 90 minutes on a non existant bumpy track and a trek of a couple of KMS.
The end points of both these routes are the legendary KONALAR (twisted river in tamil) HUT, which is the only shelter available amidst a vast expanse of carpeted grass. The Konalar stream runs close by and used to be a fishing camp for the British. The hut is very basic, has some solar power for the lights, a few cots a few hard chairs and you will have to carry everything from rations to cooking utensils to kerose etc.
You will need the permission from the Forest Department to enter the road (or the semblance of one) from the Akkamalai estate.


Grass hills konalar hut is the destination need prior permission from the forest department to perform trek
either by walk or in 4X4 vehicle.
Trekking in Grass hills has been prohibited for past few years.
Anyhow  have a try For permission contact DFO or chief Conservative of forest for more details.

grass hills valparai konalar hut

Self Cookin...

You people never ever seen such place in Valpari...
Very dangerous Tunnel with water streams...
To catch the another exit we need to trek 8km inside the tunnel.
wow thriller experience we had.
While treking inside the tunnel anything can possible like fall of rocks, sudden flood etc
Dark Dark Dark cant visble anything jus camera flash helped us.
Falcons never forget this thriller trek inside the tunnel with water stream.

Thank God we reached the another exit after thriller journey inside the dark world.