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Friday 19 September 2014

Kodaikanal tourist places

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Kodaikanal is one of the most popular hill resorts in India. It is a charming hill station, stands amidst sylvan beauty on the southern crest of the upper Palani Hills near Madurai in Tamil Nadu. With its rocks, woods, lovely lake and bracing air, Kodaikanal is an ideal hill resort for the tourists. A honeymooner's haven, Kodaikanal nestles beautifully amidst the folds of the Pali hills.  Kodaikanal is home to the rare 'Kurinji-flower', which blossoms once in 12 years, imparting an ethereal beauty to the hills. Kodaikanal seems to be bestowed with all forms of beauty by Nature-majestic hills, mighty rocks, beautiful waterfalls, a serene lake, fruit orchards, lush flora -which makes it one of the most popular hill stations in South India. Kodaikanal sightseeing provides many attraction in which we can plan according to the days.

Kodaikanal Attractions

Berijam Lake

 Lake Located 21 km from the city bus stand; Berijam Lake is surrounded by Upper Palni Shola Forest reserve hosting a large variety of flora and fauna. Some of the very useful medicinal plants like Digitalis, Pyrethrum, Dioscorea are grown here. A number of initiatives are taken to protect the lake and the area surrounding it from increasing pollution which is a threat to the green surroundings of the park. Tourists traveling to the state of Kodaikanal visit these parks in large numbers.  Berijam Lake is a must see place as sighting of bison, leopard and other chirping birds are very common here. Apart from this, the tourists will also be able to take a boat trip along this beautiful lake and it will be a wonderful and refreshing experience for them.

Bryant Park 

Named after a British officer Glenn Bryant, Bryant Park holds an annual flower and vegetable show each year which attracts a large number of tourists all across the country. There also stands a glass house in the garden which hosts a wide collection of flowers, ferns and other plants. The glass house in the park hosts an annual horticulture show every year in the month of May.

Shenbaganur Museum 

Shenbaganur Museum located in the city of Kodaikanal is a very beautiful museum depicting rare pieces of architecture from South of India. The museum is an initiative of the Sacred Heart College of Kodaikanal and it also houses a wide collection beautiful flowers and bird species which appeals to the senses of every new visitor of the place.

The Boat Club 

The Boat Club in the city of Kodaikanal is known for giving rented boats for the purpose of entertainment. The club has 65 single, 10 punts, 18 two seater and 4 seater pedal boats at the disposal of the visitors. The club also offers membership to people and at present 900 people are permanent members of the Boat Club.

Pillar Rock

Three Boulders stand shoulder to shoulder vertically measuring to a height of about 122 meters (400 feet), providing a beautiful view. It is 8 Kms from the lake. It has a mini garden with lovely flowers. In the shadows of the pillars are shady woods that invite picnickers. The chamber between the two pillars is called Devil's kitchen.  


Kodaikanal Lake 

It is a magnificent man-made lake, which spreads out in the shape of a star over an area of sixty acres among the greener surroundings of the place. Boating and Angling facilities are available at the Kodaikanal Lake. If you wish to have a panoramic view of the Kodai valley, then you should climb up the Pillar Rocks measuring to a height of about 122 meters.

Coaker's Walk 

Coaker's Walk derives its name from Lt. Coaker, who prepared the map of Kodai and it is about a kilometer from the Kodaikanal Lake, which runs along a steep slope on the southern side of the Kodai This place is a heaven for the lovers of nature and all those who seek few moments of tranquility far away from the crowd and noise of the city. One needs to buy an entry ticket to enter the place.

Guna Cave (Devil's Kitchen) 

The sobriquet associated with the place itself makes one stop and take notice. Devil's Kitchen is named so because it is a hidden ravine and has a deep fall but it looks like a small gutter which makes it more prone to the accidents. It is advisable to take along one of the locals familiar with the place in order to avoid any mishap. Telescope Houses provided at the place enable the visitors to have a panoramic view of the valley and the nearby towns.

Kurinji Andavar Temple

The spiritually inclined people can visit the Kurinji Andavar Temple, about 3.2 km from the Lake. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Murugan. In Tamil literature "Kurinji" means "Hilly Region" and "Andavar" means God. From this temple, one can get a picturesque view of the northern plains and the Palani Hills.

Silver Cascade and Bear Shola Falls

Located at the Ghat Road about 8 km from Kodaikanal, Silver Cascade fall from a height of 180 feet and it is a great delight to look and hear the loud noise of these falls amidst the tranquility that surrounds the place. Bear Shola fall is the place where once the bears used to come and drink water, hence it was named so. It is a popular tourist attraction of Kodaikanal and one can often spot families and young couples having a good time here.  

Dolphin's Nose

Located at a short distance of 8 km from the main city of Kodaikanal, the Dolphin's nose offers a bird's eye view of the picturesque landscape of the hilly region. Placed at an altitude of 6600 feet, the Dolphin's nose is one of the important itineraries of the Kodaikanal tourist attractions. Surrounded by lush green forests and exotic mountain ranges, the tourists usually prefer to trek the uphill region of the Dolphin's nose and experience the bliss of Mother Nature.

The tourists can enjoy delicious refreshments in the road side tea stalls and small inns while trekking to the Dolphin's nose. The best time to trek the undulating landscape of Dolphin's nose is during the period of October to March when the region experiences a pleasant weather.

A must for those who want to enjoy the natural splendor, Dolphin's nose provides the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to explore their latent sporting talents and sportsman spirit. Endowed with natural scenic beauty, the beautiful place of Dolphin's nose present the tourists with a memorable experience of a lifetime.

Far from the maddening crowd of the cities, the serene and calm surrounding of Dolphin's nose relieves the visitors from the stress and strains of daily mundane life and rejuvenates them with a fresh bout of renewed energy and vigor.

Easily accessible from Kodaikanal, the Dolphin's nose provides the visitors with an excellent opportunity to spend sometime in the midst of nature. A favorite exploration for those who want to enjoy the vast reserve of forests, Dolphin's nose is an integral part of adventure tourism of Kodaikanal.


Poombarai is a village located in the heart of the Palani hills of Tamil Nadu, India, 18 kilometers (11 miles) from Kodaikanal. Altitude is 1,920 meters (6,300 ft). Must see place in kodaikanal.

Poombarai Murugan temple is famous in this small village , Poombarai is famous for its Poondu (garlic). There is a forest Department rest house at Poombarai.

Kilavarai Village

Kilavarai is a small Village/hamlet in Kodaikanal Taluk in Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu State, India. It comes under Poondi Panchayath. It is located 86 KM towards west from District head quarters Dindigul. 21 KM from Kodaikanal.

Kilavarai is surrounded by Bodinayakkanur Taluk towards South , Periyakulam Taluk towards East , Theni Taluk towards South , Devikulam Taluk towards west . 
Periyakulam , Theni Allinagaram , Palani , Valparai are the nearby Cities to Kilavarai.
Those who wants to avoid crowded touristers, Kilavarai Village must be the place in kodaikanal. 

kavunchi village
Kavunchi is also a small village/hamlet in kodaikanal. Kavunchi village near to the kilavarai village. Agriculture is the main source in this village. We can see different methods of agriculture. Such a lovely place in kodaikanal.

Vellagavi village

Vellagavi is a small hamlet located on a hill top, home to 99 families and 300-odd people. Along with the houses, there are 24 temples of all kinds located within the village. The houses were packed so close that you could count the number of lanes on your fingers. Trekking is the only option to reach this village either from Kumbakarai falls or from dolphins nose. Horse is the only mode of transport. Beautiful village in kodaikanal , must see place in kodaikanal.

Kodaikanal Trekking routes

In general some 9 hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) were spent to cover the distance but this includs the time for plants collecting. Freelance trekking should need only 2/3 of the time. There are nearly 17 famous trails in the hills of Kodaikanal and it is recommended that visitors pick up a pamphlet with the different routes which is available at the District Forest Officers Office. These trails can take anywhere between 3 to 6 hours and local guides are available for the longer trails. Those with little prior experience in trekking are advised to take a guide for forest trails as there are numerous steep routes and navigating your way around the forest can be tricky without a guide. The popular short trail routes are to Coaker's Walk, Dolphin's Nose while Vembadi Peak, Kukkal Caves, Pillar Rocks, Dolmen Circle and Guna Caves.

  • Kodaikanal-Batlagundu (55 Km): Law's Ghat Road. 
  • Perumalmalai-Palamalai(8km) - Thalayar (90 mins.) - Manjalar (150 mins.)-Devadanappatty(6km).
  • Shembaganur-Korappur-Adukkam(180 mins.) - Selumbathope (120 mins.) - Kumbakkarai - Periakulam (10km).
  • Shembaganur-Vengayapparai (Coolie or telegraph path); A.G.Bourne's "Kodaikanal Ghat" (4 hours)-Kumbakkarai - Periakulam (10Km)
  • Kodai-Dolphin's Nose-Vellagevi-Vengayapparai (left of Vellagevi) (300 mins.)-Kumbakkarai-Periakulam(10Km.)
  • Kodai-Dolphin's Nose-Vellagevi-Kumbakkarai (right of Vellagevi) (300 mins.)-Kumbakkarai-Periakulam (10 Km).
  • Kodai-Green Hut (12Km) (along the ridge for 30 mts) - down to Chinnur-Periakulam (300 mins.)
  • Kodai-Thoppithookkipparai (near Berijam) (16Km) - Periyur (3 hours) - Sothupparai - Periakulam (10 Km).
  • Kodai-Karthirikkai Odei (40Km) - Sinna Sothupparai - Athirikkarappankoil - Oral muthu - Valasal aaru -Bodinayakanur (6 hours).
  • Kodai-Berijam (23 Km) - Konalar (5 Km) - Sebastian Odei (3 Km) - Marion Shola (2Km) - Kathirikkai Odei (1 Km) - Kambippalam (3 Km) - Pulavachiar (5 Km) - Vandaravu (10 Km) - Top Station (10 Km) - Central Station (2 hours) Kurangani (Bottom Station) 3 hours - Bodinayakanur (17 Km).
  • Kodai - Mannavanur (35 Km) - Keelanavayal (90 mins.) - Manjampatty (3 hours) - Thalinji (2 hours) -Champaked ( 90 mins.)-Chinnar (5 Km) - Udamalpet (32 Km) - Palani (37 Km).
  • Kodai - Paricombai (27 Km) - Kukkal (8 Km) - Kuthirayar-Pappanpatty-Kavalapatty (7 hours) - Palani (23 Km.)
  • Kodai - Puthur (43 Km) - Bonthampally (24 mins.) - Kavalppatty (9Km) - A-Kalaiamputhur (9Km) - Palani (5 Km.)
  • Kodai - Pallanghi (10 Km) - Thalamalai - Porandalar-Palani.
  • Kodai - Vilpatty (8 Km) - Ganesapuram-Puliamarathope (240 mins.) - Palani (13 Km)
  • Kodai-Perumalmalai (13 Km) - Pethupparai (6 Km) Ganesapuram-Puliamarathope (240 mins.) - Palani (13 Km).
  • Kodai-Perumalmalai-Palani Ghat road (60 Km).
  • Kodai-Tandigudi (40 Km) - K.C.Patty (20 Km) - Asarippatty - Bethelpuram-Parappalar-Thalayoothu - Viruppachi.
  • Kodai- Tandigudi (40 Km) - K.C.Patty (20 Km) ........... Pachalur (10 Km) - Oddanchatram (31 Km).
  • Kodai - Tandigudi (40 Km) - Adalur (15 Km) - Panrimalai (4Km)-Alagumalai (5 Km) - Puducombai (14 Km) - Karisalpatty (7 Km) - Vattapparai (4Km) - Melpatty (2 Km) - Anandarayamkottai-Pithalapatty (2Km) - Dindigul (7Km.)
  • Kodai - Tandigudi (40 Km) - Thadiankudisai (10 Km) - Btlagundu (33 Km.)


The nearest airports are Madurai (135 kilometres), Coimbatore (170 kilometres) and Trichy (200 kilometres). 

The nearest Railway stations are Palani Railway Station (64 kilometres) north, Kodaikanal Road Station (80 kilometres ) south east and Dindigul Railway Junction (100 kilometres ) east.
From Madurai Aarappalayam bus stand, frequent bus services are available, first bus in the morning at 2.30 am then 3.30 am and,6.0 am there are no busses after 5pm in the evening. The 2 to 3 hours drive to Kodai via the steep and winding Ghat roads from Batlagundu or Palani is a memorable experience. Travelers may stop at turnouts on the road and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Palani hills. There is a 28 km shortcut from Periyakulam to Kodaikanal via Kumbakarai . Bicycle rentals, taxis, vans and limited city buses are available.
From Dindigul frequent bus services are available to kodai.