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Thursday 18 December 2014

kodachadri trek

                    After exploring the Jog falls on the way to kodachadri we explored some scenic places.

Hanging bridge

historic temple

We made it to Kodachadri in the evening and headed to our pre-booked homestay. Our guide Pradesh welcomed us by shocking news that no power due to rain. A descent homestay we could say as we cannot expect more than this on that village. After a cup of coffee and some rest we set to visit the hanging bridge situated about 1km from our room. Noticing a small snake near our room we did not react much. Clicking some pics on the hanging bridge we returned at dark. We shared our rooms with the insects that lost their shelter in rain. When the rain took a break camp fire was set it did not last for long time so we hit bed early.

Next day started with no difference, the rain kept pouring restricting the power making us to shift to another generator running homestay nearby belongs to same owner. We got ourselves ready for the trek at Kodachadri Mountain. We accommodated ourselves on a jeep that carried us to the peak which is the only accessible vehicle on this route. I think this is the place where the Jeeps are tested enough on their stability and power. Every ups and downs of the route we bumped our head and knees against the vehicle body. It was a big relief when we alight from the Jeep. About a kilometre walk on the mountain we reached Sri Sankarachariyar temple. Our 10km trek route started from temple to downwards the mountain. The initial portion of the trek was very normal not giving us any hint or warning about the upcoming paths. We kept waking on the flat land thinking the only challenge was the rain. Soon we witnessed the blood sucking “leaches” sticking to our legs unnoticed for long time. All our attempts to avoid them ended unsuccessfully. To add more challenge the level land slowly changing to steep testing our shoes grip eventually failed to the nature. One by one started gripping off hence we slowed down a bit, holding hands and hiking together.  We know there are no warm clothes or towels to dehydrate, but it did not stop us drenching at a waterfall on our
way.Now the path becomes even worse, we had to walk on the slippery rocks and knee level water. At some place we have to use our hand on the ground to move forward. We finally managed to cross the forest and reached down the mountain.



hindumane falls


We rested at a hut, cleared the leaches that stick on to us and again walked few kilometres to reach our homestay. After late time lunch we packed up and travelled to Agumbe. We chased our bus that we missed to catch at our boarding point. We then hired a jeep to our room. I have to mention this, when I’m talking about Agumbe, this place is known as south India’s cherrapunji as it receives highest rainfall after cherrapunji at Meghalaya. It proved the same, the full night the sky kept pouring heavily. We lost our hope on the next day hiking. When the early morning light penetrated our window we woke up to check the weather.  It did not change, so was our plan. We prepared ourselves for the big hiking on “Narasimha Parvatha” peak. Fully covered with water resistant outfits we began to walk. Nearly covering 2 kms we witnessed a very heavy rain forcing us to halt. We realized we are running out of time as we had to complete the trek before dark and the guide also advised it is not safe if did not return before dark. We waited for the rain to slow down but it did not show any mercy to us so we had to sadly abort the plan and return to our room. The whole day we rested at the room looking at the rain. The last day we accommodated some time for Sringeri temple during our full day journey.

narashima parvatha

narashima parvatha

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